bad water!

she;s got very dangerous eyes!

i have been so slack about reading my friends page. i'm reading it, thinking of things to comment, and then realising i need to do something, and not getting around to it.

but there are so many things i want to comment on.

i've got a list of chores to get through tonight, in particular making a schedule to keep up in uni that entails all possibilities of prep to be done. it helped me last year, but foundations last semester was near impossible to make such a schedule. but i'm sitting here with course outlines, my class schedule, and the work books, i'm hoping that i can tell from the workbooks what weeks we have to do those sneaky quizzes, print articles and whatever else. it's going to be a big job, because to work out ALL the requirements i need to check several places. so time consuming, but i help it helps me to work out everything so that this semester i'm not running around chasing s a cat's tail or whatever. i'll just try and find out from the work books (for some reason first time i typed that it came out as work noods.

jesus can you fell i'm tired? so very, very tired. i estimate this thing will take me an hour and i'll eat something while i do it, and also watch a dvd. then i'll hope into bed and read my friends page!!
bad water!

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it's been a while. so much has happened. too tired to write it down. but here is a photo of our monstrous mulberries!

the wedding was beautiful. the groom and groomsmen wore kilts, which is funny when you realise that the groom is australian, and the bride irish! i sat next to the photographers at the reception, got to see a photo with the groom and groomsmen bent over with their kilts up in the wind, they each had black undies that said either groom, groomsman or best groomsmen.

it was killer cold in canberra. it was a weird visit. i feel like such a disappointment to them. great to see claire

having food dramas :p